Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Make - Up Techniques during filming =]

Here are some screen shots we took of the files we are going to upload to create our video.

Here is a still image of my one eye, we wanted to build the make up onto my eye as the video progresses to show the progression of the abuse. We have created this tired eye effect by simply using grey eyeshadow to emphasise the dark tired sleepless nights this character has been having.

This image will be one of the last shots in the video, here you can see a purple bruise on my chest and that my eye looks extremely darker, cut and bruised. We created this effect using purple mascara mixed in with black eyeliner, and brown/grey eyeshadows to emphasise the black eye effect.

For the arm bruising, at first emily placed her hand on my arm and we drew dots of where her fingertips would be, then we were able to darken this using the eyeshadows and maroon mascara to show that she grabs my arm so tightly it creates harsh brusing.

These last two images show me at my worst. Here the character is alone and realising her brusing. On the floor she touches herself delicately realising how much pain her elder sibling has caused her and how much the brusing hurts. Whilst in the mirror, upon looking at her dishevelled self there is a great shock and sadness in her eyes, which makes her pick up the box and kill herself.

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