Monday, 6 December 2010

Magazine Advert Video =]

Here is the video me and Elliot made were we spoke about our magazine advert and the reasons for the specific font, how it was edited etc. However after the feedback our peers we will probably make some positive changes to the advert.

Friday, 3 December 2010

Mood Board =]

This is the mood board we created to use as inspiration for our music video. We incorporated words that were key to our video as well as visual images we found that relate to our video's concept. We also added the song lyrics from our music video to create an atmosphere. This dark theme is what we want our music video to feel like and to create an indie rock atmosphere for our target audiences to engage with. We culminated our findings and edited them on Photoshop. Using an amalgamation of text and images creates a strong bold and intense mood board to help us keep to the genre of our music video.

Magazine Advert =]

Here is our first attempt of our poster we created as a group on Photoshop using our favourite photo we took during the photo shoot. We used various affects and me and Elliot filmed a short discussion of us explaining our reasoning for why it looks this way.

After finishing the poster we asked our fellow classmates to give us some feedback to what they thought of our poster in relation to target audience and customer satisfaction. We got given constructive critisism from the group about the layout and fonts we had used. After looking at our poster on a big screen, we could see that these improvements were needed. 
We were told to remove the quotation marks as it seemed too gramaticially correct and formal and doesn't relate to the teenage market. We realised removing them would be the best idea idea.

Next the group felt we had too much writing between the pictures and they thought it appeared more like an advertisment for a new film or a theatre performance. This was understandable. We discovered that our slogan 'Dont miss your latest dose of rivalry' sounds childish and immature, if we got rid of this writing and bought our 'out now' writing down it would look simple and not so tacky.
Finally, our logo of 'Rivals' (the name of our band) placed at the bottom of the magazine advert looked very similar to the 'Barbie' brand signature, which we had never realised, so we were glad they pointed this out as that is definitely not the look we were aiming for.
Our Media Group suggested we change the font to something more striking such as an italic, swirly font, to look less girly and more edgy and prominant and so all font matches. We feel the overall feeback was very positive and we agree with the small critisism and will make the nessecary adjustments to improve our advert to the best it can be.