Monday, 15 November 2010

Photoshoot =]

We decided to do a photoshoot of Me and Emily to use for our digipack and poster, then we could finish our ancillary tasks using pictures of our actual actors for the video and tried to create atmospheric photos to show the mood of our video. We also started editing the photos to try out what effects might work or look interesting on a poster or catch an audiences attention on a CD cover. 

Here, Emily is in the forefront as she is the mean sister, yet you can still see the slight outline of me in the back looking unhappy as i am frightened of her. She is the powerful one. 

This is an edited version of Emily, it looks quite alien and i don't think it works for our theme, but we might try it on me as it will make me look more ghostly.

This photo doesn't look very intense and we didn't like the front on image. We edited it to look like a cartoon. We thought my face worked better in this photo as it makes me look really pale, but if we want a more realistic look we won't use an effect like this.

I like the drawn white and grey effect where there is a definite outline, i like how Emily looks straight at the camera, it shows she is the dominant character. yet again i think this effect could work for the CD cover but not for the magazine cover.

These two reflection photos will look good once they are further edited, we don't like how we can see the equipment in the background but if we can edit one sister showing the reflection of the other sister in the mirror we think this would look really effective.

This is similar to an earlier photo, but i like how i am staring at Emily, yet i don't like how you can see the light in the background.


After. This is an image of Emily being the superior character and i think this would be a good photo for a front poster. I like how the effect has emphasised the lighting and still outlines us in a cartoon fashion.

The same photo has been edited again with a neon glow, this also looks effective as it just shows a bold outline of us, and uses black as the main colour this makes it look slick and modern and shows distinctive characteristics of the two sisters

This is the final edited image where i hold my head in my hands from where i may have just been hit, i like the use of the shadows and its modern look yet i still think this may look better in black and white so it fits with the theme of the video.

Below are two recent edits by Elliot. I really like the cracked mirror one and if we were to do the digipack again, we may have thought about adding that image onto it.

Storyboard cont. =]

We have nearly finished our storyboard and this is what we have so far. We The storyboard is nearly finished for our music video. Elliot has started an animatic on Premier Pro, and has started to scan in the other storyboard images. We still have 8 shots to do, and we have decided to end the video with an attempted suicide, where the younger sister will end lying down on the floor with the horrid sister, has a single tear wipes it away quickly and leaves the room. This will leave the audience wondering if she has actually overdosed or she is just asleep and the horrid sister realises what she has done. Now these storyboards have been scanned in so the animatic can get finished.
Here are the first 40 shots, which will probably develop once we start filming;

We have 16 shots left, were the music crescendo's so we need the narrative to become more intense where we have a significant ending of the abused sister lying on the floor and the mean one wiping away a tear. We want to suggest a suicide but leave the audience on a cliffhanger.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Actors =]

Unfortunately our actors poster didn't attract much attention so we had to look for actors by ourselves.
Thankfully my friend Emily Brooks was happy to participate in our filming. We realised that we aren't able to finish our poster or digipack until we have done a photoshoot of our actors. We have decided it is easier for me and Lucy to be in parts of the music video as this gives us more available timings to film, as we can film in lessons and Emily has the same frees as me. Emily and Me will be the siblings in the video, and Lucy will play her guitar. Hopefully tomorrow we will be able to do a photoshoot in the photography studio of me and Emily dressed in black with small matching flowers in our hair as this will unite us, yet the cream and red colours will contrast our personalities. Emily has red hair which is quite a rebel, rock image which will help keep the image of a dark, rock video as well as being the abusive sister.

For the shoot we will keep our hair and makeup simple with just adding eyeliner to darken our eyes and enhancing the indie rock image. When we start filming the video Lucy has some ideas of the make up she wants us to have, but keep our hair simple with the flowers to coontrast with bolder make up. This will show the artistic flare of the indie rock image, which will be similar to the image Florence + the machine portray.