Thursday, 7 April 2011

Digipack + Audience Feedback =]

We wanted to keep our Digipack simplistic with minimal writing and key images. Our first few versions we had kept in just black and white but we felt it lacked something, so decided to combine black and white with colour. We kept the the same font from the poster and also used the same image from the poster for the back cover of the digipack to give it some continuity. On completeing the Digipack i placed the photo onto Facebook to see what people had to say. This was the feedback;

'awesome just from photographers point of view i'd make the 4th image a little brighter and maybe have a bit more contrast see how it looks? Also maybe do something with the second eye like youve done with the first one and put an image in the pupil or just make it a tad brighter.'

This comment was from an 18yr old male photography student, although he isn't in our main target audience i think his advice was useful. I understand his comment about the 4th picture but i like the dullness of it as this dullness is seen in our music video, and with the eye we took the pupil out to make it more effective.

I agree about photo #4, but nothing too drastic. Possibly also see if in photo #2 the girl on the right could be brightened a bit? Don't know if you're using photoshop for this, but if you are you could use the dodge tool a bit in her shadowed bit. Nice concept though, I like this

Again this comment is from a male not in our specific target audience but again he likes the concept and thinks it works so therefore i'm happier. He also commented on brightening the images but personally i liked the dull look. Although no girls commented on the photo, being a girl myself who fits in our target audience i think the concept works and i'm extremely happy with the overall look.

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