Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Editing =]

The editing process has become a long slow paced epic journey. After only taking one day to film we felt we had enough shots to create an intense music video, inkeeping with our chosen genre. As we had filmed on a VLR camera, our footage had been saved to memory cards. This was our first issue as Sir had to take these home and convert our files to AVI's. We edited on the Premier Pro editing software and saved all our work on the W: drive, however after starting work on our computer, it seemed it was just too much memory for the computer to hold so we changed computers 3 times. By this point we decided to save all our work onto my desktop documents to i could use any computer. Elliot editing the opening of the video and used speed duration to give it a really good look and effect, i then resumed with the fight and ending of the video. I too used speed duration, layered shots over the top of each other, repeated shots, reversed shots and created a quick montage at the end.
In the final week before our deadline, it felt like i was constantly editing for three days, whenever i had the chance i was in their editing. Apart from my group no one had seen the video until its final completion. On completely the video and watching it on the big screen i felt a really good sense of accomplishment and i loved the final product. The only shot that seemed a little cheesy was around a 2 second punch and reverse shot, although it was a little too much, it is over in a flash and i think the overall video works as and end product and so far the people who have seen it, love it and think it's great. So I think all the editing hassle paid off.

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