Thursday, 7 April 2011

Final Magazine Poster + Audience Feedback =]

Here is our final magazine poster.

As we were now heavily involved in the editing of our video we had to look back at our previous audience feedback before changing our poster on Photoshop. We still kept the same photo in the background as we felt it was very striking and represented the theme of our video. When we returned to our poster we realised that there was only a few things that we needed to do. I decided to put our poster onto Facebook to get some audience feeback from friends and hopefully our right target audience.

Firstly, we removed the speech marks around Girl With One Eye as it had been commented on that it seemed to gramatically correct and they don't suit the style that we were aiming for. Next our audience before had decided that their was too much writing on it, so we decided to get rid of the cheesy childish catch line, 'Dont miss your latest dose of rivalry' and instead moved the 'buy in stores now' further to the centre of the stage and made it bigger so it stood out more and there was less for the audience to take in, also so the main image stood out more. Finally our logo 'Rivals' was commented that it looked very similar to the 'Barbie' brand signature but after some research we realised that the font was rather striking and effective as it linked our image of girly dressed indie rockers that contrasts to the essence of their songs. Therefore we decided to keep the font the same and see what people on Facebook had to say about our final ancillary product. We did take on all our original feeback and we were thankful for it but we still wanted to keep the main essence of the poster to how it was and see what our friends on Facebook had to say.

On Posting our new advert to Facebook, i suprisingly received a far few comments. The first was from a year13 female, who is of our target audience she felt that the 'colour contrast was very good' and she also stated that ' the title is awesome and well-suited' after this comment i was happy that we had kept the supposed 'Barbie' font as obviously it appealed to our main target audience.

One thing we were commented on was that NME rate things out of 10 stars, which was a mistake but we didn't want to have to decrease the size of the stars so therefore we kept to a 5 star rating.

After this I received a comment from an 18year old photography student who fits perfectly into the indie rock genre she commented., ' I really like the torn effect down the middle and how both your eyes are looking straight at the viewer. The colours looks great with almost opposite hair colours and flowers in your hair. Not overly keen on the bottom half but i like the font of 'rivals' Great poster.' Again she commented on the 'Rivals' font choice that it obviously inkept with the genre, and she liked the use of colour. I agreed with ther that the bottom half wasn't that exciting but i explained that we wanted our audience to focus on our band name, 'Rivals' and the main ripped image. So i was very happy with her comments.

I received a comment from a 22yr old male friend, although he doesn't fit into our target audience exactly he still made some valid points and if we had the time i think we would have tried to make some adjustments using his constructive criticism. He stated, 'put a lighting effect on the faces so that they're is maximum emphasis on the eyes, fading into black around the edges, ESP the brown bit at the top. take out the 'order in stores now' its the first thing i looked at and distracts from the strength of the rest of the poster.. maybe put some quotes from reviews or something.. lastly the stars should be above the tear marks.. i think thats all.. otherwise i really like it :)' the only thing i would not have changed is putting the stars above the tear marks as i like the layering effect as if the images have been stuck over the top of the writing.

In general the comments were very positive and better than i had first expected, the last comments made general comments, that it looked good and the image was of top quality, another 16yr female photography student mentioned, 'maybe the eye colour a little brighter? to really capture the attention of the audience' again valid point, but generally i am very pleased with the standard of the poster and as long as it appeals to our main target audience then it's hit the mark for me. 

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